Costco Whalen Industrial Rack

This Whalen Industrial Rack from Costco is awesome! If you’re looking to maximize space inside your garage, see if one of these will fit. I’ve got one of those TRINITY 5-Tier Heavy Duty Wire Shelving Racks from Costco in the garage & it’s fantastic. The difference between the 2 is the one I have is Chrome with wheels, while this one has a black powder coat & fixed. These are a little more industrial than mine because these can handle 2,000 pounds per shelf as opposed to mine, which is only 800 pounds per shelf. I don’t how they tested this rack by loading it down with 8,000 pounds (2,000 x 4 shelves), but I’d sure like to see that.

Whalen Industrial Rack Costco

The only drawback as I mentioned before is this does not have wheels. If you are buying it for it’s intended use, you shouldn’t need wheels because you wouldn’t want that much weight to be mobile. Here are a few more stats about this rack……

  • Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Frame
  • Four Adjustable Shelves (nice to make taller shelves)
  • Easy Assembly
  • 77″W x 72″H x 24″D
  • 2,000 pounds per shelf

If you’re looking for a similar rack with only 3 shelves (more space per shelf), check this rack out on Amazon. It’s almost the exact same size at 77″W x 72″H x 24″D except it’s got 3 shelves……

Price: $149.99, Item: 956886

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