Costco Swarovski Ornament, 2020 Annual Crystal Ornament

The annual Swarovski ornaments are already on the shelves. If you are a collector of the annual Swarovski ornaments, then be sure to pick this up at Costco (scroll for photos). The Swaroski company has been around for over 125 years and they produce jewelry, watches, etc. They even make specialty items for Disney & Warner Brothers. If you’re interested you should check out there website. Anyways, here is the annual Costco Swarovski Ornament for 2020. It’s a snowflake made of crystal & it costs $48.99. A brief Google search tells me that Costco is going to be the lowest price you’re going to find……….surprise! surprise! Here are a few more details about this item……….

  • Indoor use only (probably shouldn’t hang a $50 ornament outside)
  • Clear Swarovski Crystal
  • 2020 Annual Edition
  • Design is a Crystal Snowflake

Costco Swarovski Ornament 2020

As of writing this article, Costco does not sell this ornament online. They may start soon, but I know Costco add’s a removes items without warning from the shelves & website. If you are even thinking about buying it, I would just purchase it now. The 2020 Swarovski ornament is different from the 2019. The 2019 Swarovski ornament was a 5 pointed star with a religious theme. It had 2019 hanging on a metal tag at the top of the ornament. If you are a collector & you missed out on the last several years of Swarovski ornaments, you can still purchase them on Amazon. Each year has it’s own unique signature style! Also, if you don’t have a Costco near you the 2020 link from Amazon is below. Check them out here………

Price: $48.99, Item Number: 2002020

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