Costco Octopus, Nuchar Cooked Octopus

Saw this the other day at Costco. This Costco Octopus is way out of my league when it comes to cooking/recipes, but I’m sure someone knows how to cook it. This is Nucar Cooked Octopus & it comes in a vacuum sealed pack of about 3 – 4 legs (scroll for photos). It comes in a 17.64 ounce pack & is $16.99. That comes out to about $15.41 per pound. I have no idea how good of a deal that is because I don’t know how expensive octopus normally is. Maybe one of you can shed some light for me. They give you some suggestions on how to cook it on the back. Here is a summary………

  • Pan Fry – with olive oil on medium heat for 2 minutes
  • Steam – for about 5 minutes
  • Microwave – 1 minute at medium temperature
  • Cold Serving – Serve Cold with salads, cocktails or as a snack

Nuchar Cooked Octopus

Looking at the nutrition facts the octopus is low in fat (1 gram per serving), high in sodium (510 mg or 22% DV per serving) & high in protein (14 grams or 28% DV per serving). If you’re looking for a high protein alternative to chicken, beef or fish, this seems like a good one. You just need to be aware of the sodium intake. It apparently lasts a long time (the salt probably helps) because it was packed in June, but stays good till the following February. It contains milk & fish for those with allergies.

Now if you’re going to eat this stuff, what better way to scarf it down then in your very own OCTOPUS BOWL……….

Price: $16.99, Item Number: 1253252

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