Costco Light Fixture, FEIT 11″ LED Round Coach Lantern

Here is another outdoor LED light fixture From Costco. In my previous post I showed you the 14″ lantern style light fixture that differs from this smaller, round 11″ fixture (scroll for photos). I prefer the boxy or square looking lantern; however, this is really nice too. This is also made by FEIT electric & as mentioned before, I’ve had a good experience with their products. If you take a look at Home Depot & Lowe’s I’ll bet you won’t find a lower price than the one at Costco. If you are even contemplating buying one, make sure to purchase it before they change the style.

FEIT Electric Round LED Outdoor Coach Lantern

This outdoor light fixture has similar features when compared to the FEIT 15 inch Outdoor Lantern, with 1 being most important. The 15″ lantern has a replaceable bulb just like this round coach lantern. This one actually has 2 bulbs. The benefit is you only have to replace the bulbs as opposed to replacing the entire unit. Here are a few more specifications on this model…….

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
  • 1000 Lumens (11 watss)
  • Dusk to Dawn Sensor (Great feature. Leave the light on 24/7)
  • Dimmable
  • Energy Star Rated

Between this round outdoor light fixture & the square/boxy outdoor fixture, you have 2 great options. Like I’ve mentioned before, if you’re on the fence about either one, just grab them. After installation, they seem to look so much better. I always enjoy the oil rubbed bronze style. If you’re looking for a similar round outdoor lantern & can’t find them at Costco, make sure to check this out on Amazon…..

Price: $36.99, Item Number: 1315646

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