Costco Chicken Pot Pie, Kirkland Signature

Over 5 pounds of goodness in this Costco chicken pot pie. I had to do a double take when I walked by it the first time because it looks just like the Costco apple pie. I hadn’t seen this in a while, or maybe I just didn’t notice, but the chicken pot pie is back on the shelves. It was located with all the pre-made items like shrimp, tacos, chicken Alfredo, mac n’ cheese, etc. Al I can say is that if you’re going to dive into this monstrosity, make sure you’re not on a diet & you have a good napping plan! Here’s a few details about the Kirkland Signature Chicken Pot Pie…….

  • Use 1.5 pounds of Kirkland Signature chicken breast
  • Use Kirkland Signature pie dough (why it looks like a holiday pie)
  • Includes peas & baby carrots in the filling
  • Oven Ready
  • Cooking Instructions: depending on your oven it should take about 90 minutes. Follow the directions on the front

Costco Chicken Pot Pie

This is a great meal for something that is simple, tasty & affordable. It’s only $3.49 per pound & each pie was at least 5 pounds. This should be good to feed at least 10 people. It sits heavy in the stomach so be careful once you start eating (first hand experience talking =)). It’s made with that tasty Costco rotisserie chicken & is loaded with at least 1.5 pounds of it. The dough might be my favorite part because it tastes just like the dough they use on the holiday pies. Now if you’re looking for more of a single serve chicken pot pie, then check the Marie Calendar’s version out via Amazon (Whole Foods) here……….

Price: $3.49/pound, Item Number: 16382

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