Costco’s Kirkland Signature Nitrile Exam Gloves

Costco Gloves, Update 3/31/2020:

With coronavirus (COVID-19) in full swing, these items have become very popular. They are generally sold out or hard to find, so if you do see nitrile gloves at Costco, I highly recommend picking up a box or 2 (scroll down for photos). I am a big fan of the minimum thickness of 3.8 mil because of the lower probability of tearing. I use these for cooking & wiping diapers 90% of the time and they hold up fairly well. If I were to wear them outside I don’t think they would last very long unless you are being very careful. I still think these would be great for the average wearer, but if you can buy a thicker mil for safety, I would. I did buy the food service/food handling gloves before & they constantly tore! It was so frustrating & if you are trying to protect yourself from the virus I would highly recommend against them. If you are looking to protect yourself, here are a few items I highly recommend on Amazon. Please check them out…..

Costco Nitrile Gloves, Original Post:

Not the most exciting post in the world, BUT these are a favorite of mine. I use them ALL THE TIME from handling beef, chicken, veggies or whether I’m making my own peanut butter. You can use them to clean around the house or tinker with electronics when you don’t want the oil from your skin to contaminate sensitive electronics. I use them to change the oil & transmission fluid in my vehicles & they stand up to the job without tearing. Best of all is they are FSA eligible! If you take a look at your Costco receipt you will see your FSA purchases on the bottom of the receipt. I was able to reimburse myself for this purchase with my FSA account (Flexible Spending Account). This made the purchase a little cheaper (paying with pretax dollars).

At first glance, they may not seem cheaper than Amazon, but when comparing similar quality/thickness they are much cheaper. At 3.8 mil thickness, they are thicker than your average gloves and you get 2 x 200 count boxes. I’d say wait for them to go on sale if you want a screaming deal. You can pick up the 2 x 200 count boxes for $19.99.

Price: $19.99, Item: 467130 (Large), 467120 (Medium), 467110 (Small)

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  1. I would like to buy 4 pack Kirkland signature nitrile exam gloves size medium at Costco to wear for covic-19 if you have you can ship to my address 8310 North Peyton way WestHills,CA 91304 please I really need them size large it is too big for me to wear I just want to buy size medium only thank you very much

  2. I would like to buy 4 packs of Kirkland signature nitrile exam gloves size Medium at Costco,to wear for covic 19,i really i need it,if you can you same me to my address 2_67 Saddle River Road,Fairlawn NJ 07410,Thank you very much.

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