Costco Tennis Balls, Penn Extra Duty, 60 Tennis Balls

I saw these the other day at Costco. Sometimes I see them in the middle aisles with the other sporting goods, but today I found them on the side of the warehouse next to the automotive & home goods. Scroll down for photos. Speaking of that, I found some products I miss out on frequently, because I don’t usually walk down the right side of the warehouse, I just head right to the food section. Anyway, if you are in need of some new tennis balls make sure to grab this 60 pack of Costco tennis balls! Whether you have pets, kids, or just love tennis, this is a great deal for $2.00 a can! I didn’t see any tennis rackets but I’m sure they’ll have them in stock at some point. Here are a few more details about the Costco Tennis Balls…………

  • 60 total tennis balls – 20 cans (3 per can)
  • Penn Championship Extra-Duty Felt
  • Official Ball USTA League Tennis

Costco Penn Extra Duty Tennis Balls

This is a great deal on tennis balls! I’ve done a little browsing around & it’s hard to beat 60 balls for $39.99! These are great to have around with kids. It’s a good way to keep the kiddo’s outside instead of glued to a screen. If you’re just a casual payer, maybe 60 is a little too many for you or you want to check out a different brand. Make sure to check out these HIGHLY rated tennis balls on Amazon……..

Price: $39.99, Item Number: 672381

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