Costco Mario Kart Mario & Luigi Mach 8 – RC Car 2 Pack

How cool is this Mario Kart 2-pack?!?!?! I may be dating myself, but this brings back memories of playing the original Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo back in the day. Now you can get a 2 pack of Mario & Luigi RC cars at Costco (scroll for photos). The price is only $49.99 which comes out to $25 per Costco RC car! They are pretty big too at a 1:18 scale. I think my favorite part about these cars is the fact that the heads of each car (Mario & Luigi) have a tilting affect. This means when you turn right, their heads turn right. I don’t know why, but that is so cool! Here are a few more details about these Mario Kart RC cars……..

  • 1:18 scale iconic Mario & Luigi Costco RC Car
  • 2.4 Ghz remote control
  • Batteries included: 20 minute run time, 50 minute charge
  • Durable Tires: Optimal grip on any terrain
  • Indoor & Outdoor use
  • High Speed: up to 5.6 MPH
  • Brand: Carrera
  • Ages: 6+

Mario Kart Mach 8 Mario and Luigi RC Cars, 2-pack

If you’re even thinking about purchasing these, just get them. Once they’re off the shelves, they probably won’t be back for a while. I’m at Costco a LOT & I haven’t seen these before. This would be a great gift for birthday’s or Christmas. Especially with kids being stuck at home, this can provide hours of entertainment for the family! I always remember having to charge batteries for 8 hours as a kid & getting no more than 10 minutes of run time! Now these RC cars will go 20 minutes strong & take a full charge in less than an hour! If you want to buy these cars individually or you want to buy Yoshi or Peach (also really cool cars), then check out the following links on Amazon……….

Price: $49.99, Item Number: 2006667

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