Costco Keto Bread, Artisan Bakers Multi Seed Zero Net Carbs

We are HUGE fans of the Costco Organic Artisan Bakers Super Seed Bread, so we had to buy this Costco keto bread. It is made by the same company, Artisan Bakers out of Sonoma County, CA. Scroll for photos! Considering the fact that it’s Keto Bread with Zero net carbs, I liked it. Before you try it, you need to take into account it’s “keto bread”. Anytime I try a bread alternative that’s “gluten free” or “keto friendly” I always remember that it’s not a true bread, it’s a substitute for those with dietary restrictions. This keto bread is a nice light snack that I can butter up or make a sandwich with. My first time trying it was in the toaster. For me, it came out too dry with not enough density. I would recommend eating it plain. It’s got a great taste & doesn’t bloat you. It does tend to fall apart, even in the bag, so I recommend eating it within several days. Just remember that you’re eating a bread alternative & not a true bread. Here are a few more details about this Costco keto bread…..

  • Keto bread – 2 x 18 ounce loaves
  • 0g added sugars, 12g fiber, 3g protein
  • 40 calories per slice
  • Zero net carbohydrates

Costco Keto Bread, Low Carb Bread

Since we are not on a Keto diet I probably wouldn’t buy it again. We just love the Super Seed Bread (made by the same company) too much & that’s always stocked in the house. This is great for those of you who are on a keto friendly diet. If you’re interested in the ingredients or you’d like to see the nutrition facts, check the photos below. For those of you who are on keto friendly diets, please make sure to check out these GREAT keto products on Amazon…..

Price: $8.99, Item Number: 1445207

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10 thoughts on “Costco Keto Bread, Artisan Bakers Multi Seed Zero Net Carbs

  1. My husband bought this for me today. I absolutely LOVE it. I made a grilled cheese sandwich and it came out perfect. The taste, to me, was very delicious. I put a little butter on the crust to taste it before I made the grilled cheese and I have not one complaint. This will absolutely be a staple in my cupboard from now on.

  2. It’s light and somewhat fluffy, but it has the taste and texture of bread which I miss since going on a keto diet. The price is on the expensive end but I freeze it then toast a couple of slices now and then so it lasts me a couple of weeks.

  3. Love this No Carb Keto bread. It’s light and fluffy, toasts well and great way to feel like you can have a piece of toast & butter while on a Keto diet.

  4. Love this No Carb Keto bread. It’s light and fluffy, toasts well and great way to feel like you can have a piece of toast & butter while on a Keto diet.

  5. I tossed this keto bread out after trying it twice, once directly out of the bag and once toasted. I have had other keto breads that I liked, but this one had a strange almost chemical aftertaste that made it uneatable. I thought maybe I was imagining it, but had my wife try it and she agreed. I would not purchase this brand again.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with this bread. I’ve found that you really need to test out Keto items and find the one’s that work best for you.

  6. Can you please explain how this bread is 0 net carbs when it does have wheat gluten.
    I am assuming that this bread is not good celiac people.

    1. Hi there thanks for your comment on this bread. It’s Keto bread and according to the Ketogenic Diet definition it’s high-fat low carbohydrate diet. Not necssarily carb free or gluten free. This bread is not Gluten Free. If you’re looking for a Costco bread that is Gluten Free check out the Franz Bread that does not contain wheat. The link below will take you there and you can see the ingredients in the photos.

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