Costco Ginger Beer, Fever Tree 12 Pack

Yes! Costco sells Ginger Beer! (Scroll for photos) I felt like I’ve always had trouble finding it & usually manage to stumble across it every once in a while. The reality was I had no idea that it’s not actually a beer. I kept looking on the bottle for the ABV percentage, only to find out (by a Google search) that it’s a non-alcoholic mixer. I can’t possibly be the only one who thought this, can I? The reason I mention this is because you will find this Costco ginger beer in the soda section. I found it way at the end of an aisle next to some BBQ coals and paper plates, so if you can’t seem to find the ginger beer, it’s probably hiding somewhere.

Costco Ginger Beer

We usually keep this stuff stocked in the house. Whenever we have a gathering, we usually like to have Moscow Mule’s available & this Fever Tree Ginger Beer is tasty. It comes in a 12 pack with each bottle being 9.3 ounces. Each bottle is good enough for 2 – 3 drinks. Careful not to have too many because they are loaded with sugar, however, it is NON-GMO so that’s nice. What’s even better is on the back of the box are the 4 common mule drinks. I’ll list them here………

  • Irish Mule: 1 part Whiskey, 3 parts ginger beer, lime wedge
  • Mexican Mule: 1 part Tequila, 3 parts ginger beer, lime wedge
  • American Mule: 1 part Vodka, 3 parts ginger beer, lime wedge
  • Gin Mule: 1 part Gin, 3 parts ginger beer, lime wedge

If you can’t find it at Costco, you can always order from Amazon. People love this stuff and the reviews are off the charts. Check it out……..

Price: $14.99, Item Number: 1169942

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3 thoughts on “Costco Ginger Beer, Fever Tree 12 Pack

  1. I have bought this Fever-Tree ginger beer from my local Costco (Culver City, CA) for a long time, and I went yesterday to buy some and they didn’t have any and supposedly it is not in their computer!
    Where do you get yours?
    As you say this is great for Moscow Mules and just to drink on its own!

    1. It’s got to be in the computer. I just saw it no more than a week ago. I got mine in the Bay Area, CA. They have it stocked at multiple Costco’s around my area. It always seems to be hidden in a new location. I’ve seen it near the alcohol & also near the soda’s. If you check the Item number in the post, they should be able to punch that in and see if it’s in stock. Yes! The Moscow Mules are fantastic. I just can’t have more than 1-2 or the sugar gets to me. Good luck finding it

      1. Thanks for the feedback. I’m down in LA and my store, no longer ha it in their system. I will search around one of the many other stores. Maybe next time I go to Nevada, I will look there as well.
        Many thanks for the feedback.

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