Costco Folding Chairs by Maxchief, Padded & Upholstered

I saw these Costco folding chairs the other day at Business Costco (scroll down for photos). Between my folks & myself we have about a dozen of these. They get used constantly during events such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays & other holidays or gatherings. They are always convenient to have around. These folding chairs are light, comfortable, easy to store & stand up well or stack well. What’s nice about these folding chairs are the colors. Its a darker color with a slight pattern so it’s difficult to see food stains (hint: they will be used when eating a drinking). We also have the wood folding chairs from Costco. They are also very nice but are a few more dollars and do not store as well. If you’d like to have those few extra seats around the table or just want some extra seating indoors or outdoors, grab these chairs for $15.99.

Costco Folding Chairs

These are a high quality folding chair. I prefer sitting on these than my actual dining room chairs because these are padded. Here are a few more specifications on this chair…….

  • Powder Coated Finish
  • Commercial Grade
  • Tubular Steel Frame
  • 3x Welded Cross Braces
  • Cushioned Seat
  • Stain Resistant Fabric

If you can’t find them in store you can always order them online. They sell the 4 pack on Costco’s website for $84.99 ($21.25/chair), which is a bit more expensive. They are probably accounting for shipping. If you’re unsure about buying this 4 pack, PLEASE check out this 4 pack of folding chairs made by COSCO & not Costco. The ratings are off the charts………

Price: $15.99, Item Number: 1267890

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