Costco Artificial Christmas Tree, 7.5′ Pre-Lit Tree

Christmas already!?!?! This seems a bit ridiculous with Christmas almost 4 months away. Oh well……Get your Costco artificial Christmas tree early and be done with it. Here we have the 7.5 foot Surebright Pre-Lit Christmas Tree (scroll for photos). It stands at 7.5 feet tall so it’s perfect for homes with 8 foot ceilings. You may not be able to get a large Christmas tree topper, but you can still put something on top. I do realize that $299 is expensive, but when you compare the quality to the big box stores, I really think this is worth it. I’ve strolled through Home Depot & Lowe’s & the tree’s look fake & feel cheap. I wouldn’t bet on them lasting through too many seasons. Anyways, here are a few more details about this tree………

  • 7.5 foot pre-lit tree
  • Indoor user only
  • 700 LED lights
  • EZ Connect technology
  • On/Off pedal with 7 effects: clear steady, clear fading, multi-color steady, multi-color fading, clear/multi-color alternating, clear/multi-color fading, demo mode
  • Simple to shape

Costco Artificial Christmas Tree

We purchased our artificial Christmas tree from Costco in 2016. It was a GE brand at the time but it was just about the same thing as this one. We are VERY happy with the results. If I remember correctly it was about $300 at the time & it has already paid for itself when compared to a real tree. I know there are some “real tree” die-hard’s, but I gotta tell you……it takes about 10 minutes to set the tree up. There’s no hassle with the tree dying & becoming a fire hazard or making a mess. If the EZ Connect technology is anything like mine, it’s only 3 sections that need to be connected followed by a plug. It looks perfect every time & has the same white/color modes as this tree. Every year I set it up, I am glad I bit the bullet & made the purchase.

MUST HAVE Accessories for Costco Christmas Tree’s

So the box our tree came in ended up getting destroyed after a couple of uses. I ended up buying one of those Christmas tree bags & it makes storing SOOOOO much easier. I HIGHLY recommend you get a Christmas Tree bag to go with. Don’t forget the Christmas Tree skirt, since the one that comes in the bag is pretty plain. Here are the links to the items……….

Price: $299.99, Item Number: 2006005

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