Costco Arcade1up NBA Jam Arcade Machine

He’s heating up! He’s on fire! This Arcade1up NBA Jam arcade machine from Costco brings back so many memories! (scroll down for photos) I remember sinking in way too many quarters at Round Table Pizza to play NBA Jam in the arcade room. This has to be one of the most popular arcade games of all time. Everyone kid knew about this game. Whether it was Stockton/Malone, Barkley/Majerle, Pippen/Grant or any other duo, you couldn’t wait to hear that “HE’S ON FIRE!”. Costco now sells this 4 person stand-up arcade machine, just like the one you used to play. Here are a few details about this arcade machine……..

  • 3 games included: NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, NBA Hang Time
  • Up to 4 players
  • Live Online Multiplayer, WiFi enabling ability
  • Tournament Edition Topper & Light Up Marquee
  • Custom Riser Included
  • Basketball Joysticks & Light-up Buttons

Costco Arcade1up Nba Jam

This would be a great edition to any game-room or a great birthday present! As much fun as new games are today, it’s always nice to bring back a little simplicity with a joystick & 3 buttons. The price is right at $399 & the box isn’t too big so you could probably fit it in a medium size SUV. If NBA Jam wasn’t your favorite, check out these other Arcade1up arcade games. Read the reviews too! People love them……..

Price: $399.99, Item Number: 1425529

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